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Wives now charge N2000 to give husbands sex



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In Uganda, married women now charge $6 dollars flat rate for giving their husbands sex.

According to the Mothers Union, the practice began three years ago with over 100 women taking it out on their irresponsible husbands who slept around, and refused to help in domestic finance and house chores.

The Anglican organization says the number has increased to 5,000 by 2016. And now more than 30,000 women have reported employing the strategy, said the MU secretary Ruth Nalugwa.

The strategy is also being backed by rights and feminist organisations across the country.
The controversial strategy, but it’s picking up across Uganda.

Bakazibano, a Ugandan women’s rights organization, said it has recorded more than 31,000 cases.

The spread of this practice is dividing Ugandan society. Some husbands have agreed to pay up, and a few have turned more responsible toward their families.

Others have refused to pay for sex, and in some instances, demands from wives have spiraled into domestic violence — and even occasional deaths.

Some religious leaders and government ministers have weighed in against the practice, calling it immoral and irreligious.