LASG blames citizens, lagoon for flooding
    After inspecting areas affected by the flood in the state, Lagos Commissioner for the Environment Babatunde Adejare   assured that the government has activated its emergency response system to respond efficiently where necessary.
    He said most of the flooding would recede after a period of time, attributing the cause to the high tide of the lagoon, slowing down the flow of rainfall water from drainage channels.
    “ The government is concerned by the recent occurrence of flooding in some parts of Victoria Island, Lekki, Oniru and its environs and our emergency lines 112 and 767 are open 24/7 for residents to report any emergency situation,” he said.
    The commissioner urged residents in the habit of dumping refuse indiscriminately especially in drainage channels to stop forthwith, saying that engaging in such does not only portend health hazards, but could also lead to loss of lives and property.
    He said dumping refuse in drainage meant to take flood water to the lagoon blocks such channels and as such had dire consequences that could lead to loss of lives and properties.
    “The lagoon is swollen up, there is high tide, so it would lock on our outfalls, the water would not recede or go into the lagoon as fast as it used to be. So that’s one of the main reasons why we are having flooding all over the place; and coupled with our own man made problems such as people blocking the drainage channels, people even building on
    drainage channels, that’s what has also been causing all these problems.
    He advised if the rain still persist, people should stay home except you are living by the coast or by the low line.
    “If you are one of those, you have to move upland, move away from the coast until the rain recedes. But if you are living upland and it’s raining persistently and it’s not necessary or compulsory for you to go out, please stay indoors.
    If you also have contact with flood water, wash your hands always, whatever has been touched by the flood water should not be eaten, it’s important,” Adejare said.
    The commissioner also assured residents that the ongoing reforms in the environment sector through the Cleaner Lagos Initiative would evolve a viable solid waste management system which would make the state cleaner and healthy for residents.
    He, however, urged residents to continue to maintain a high level of cleanliness, especially in disposing their refuse, while assuring that the Governor Akinwunmi Ambode-led administration would not relent in its efforts until it achieves a cleaner Lagos.
    “To embark on any kind of reform is always very tedious. As a government, the priority is to see these reforms through and to make our people live better.
    “Our refuse should not be a disgrace to us, it should be a resource and that’s what we intend to pursue,” Mr. Adejare said.