4 Ways hackers get your bank info without your ATM card

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With the development of computer software and internet knowledge, the ways through which people fall victim to online scammers have increased drastically. For this reason, the need to safeguard one’s bank account from being looted has been the priority of many. Read this article to the end as I reveal to you how scammers loot people’s money even without having their cards.

1. Fake Banking Apps

Since most financial transactions take place on mobile phones, scammers often create a replica of banking apps to carry out their unscrupulous acts perfectly. They can easily shut down the app and claim all the money deposited. This is why one has to download apps from verified platforms only to avoid falling prey to this out of ignorance.

2. Through Keyloggers

Keylogger is an untraceable method hackers often use to steal people’s money through their banking information. Keyloggers are malware that would keep records of all information being typed in a website or an app. This way they can use information such as passwords and usernames to grant themselves access to one’s account.

3. Sim Swapping

Sim swapping is as dangerous as other methods listed above. In this scenario, scammers call the network provider claiming to be you. They would report that they lost their SIM card and would love to retrieve it, once successful you lose authority over your sim as the network would transfer your details into the scammer’s sim. This way they can do anything thing with your finance.

4. MITM (Man In The Middle)

The MITM method often takes place on an unsafe website or browser. Hackers use the sites with an insecure server to steal any sensitive information typed into the site. Whenever you send information to the site, scammers serve as middlemen and steal that information as soon as possible. However, avoid visiting unsafe websites with the ‘insecure’ icon above the site top.