ACF chairman, Audu Ogbeh, berates political parties over poor administration

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The Chairman of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), Audu Ogbeh, in Kaduna berated political parties in Nigeria over poor administration and weakness.

Ogbeh, who was national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the Obasanjo administration, emphasized that there may not be a perfect system anywhere in the world, but political parties must be cautious how party candidates are nominated for elections.

Audu decried that management of political parties is poor in Nigeria. according to the ACF chairman, “until those appointed by the parties are held accountable, the people will continue to suffer.”

Ogbeh endorsed zoning, saying that parties should uphold it but must desist from sowing the seed of discord to cause unnecessary conflicts in the country.


  1. Keep silent,you destroyed agricultural policy,deceived Nigerians and stoled all the money allocated to agricultural sector during your tenure as minister of agriculture, you don’t have any moral to condemned or speak here,the EFCC should be preparing to open your case for probe,you can not eat your cake and have it back,keep close your mouth,you are just a professional executive thief from PDP to APC.ahhhhh Audu ,you get mind o.what is EFCC and others agencies waiting for to probe this man.