Be aware: 3 Possible side effects of covid-19 vaccine 

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Over a period of about two years now, the Covid-19 virus has been threatening many lives.

This involves both the young and the old. The thing is, everybody despite the age has beenat risk of losing life because of this virus.

But thanks to the WHO for bringing forth a vaccine that can be depended on by many. At least the rate at which life is lost on a daily basis related to the virus has been reduced.

Now that the vaccine is around, each and every government is trying to push it’s citizens to make sure they get a vaccine.

And now because of that, people are working so hard to make sure they get time to at least become vaccinated in order to be on the safe side.

And again, as a result, people have come up with different beliefs in regards to that vaccine, some saying that it increases a libido in men or something of sort.

But now the question is, what are the real side effects of this vaccine. Dear readers, don’t just believe anybody.

All those other side effects are not likely to be experienced and they are considered null. Here are the re possible side effects of that vaccine:

1. Lack of sleep

Depending on how strong your immune system responds to medicine, you are likely to lose sleep for the first one night.

For the best of your Knowledge, it is only the first night and then you’d system will be back to functioning as normal.

So before, you get the vaccine, keep in mind that high chances are that you will lose sleep for the first one night.

Prepare yourself well for this to avoid unnecessary overthinking when the time officially comes.

2. Dizziness

For some people, it might be a different case. Instead of lacking sleep, they turn up to be so dizzy and willing to sleep anyway.

This is so another response that your body is likely to give in response to the vaccine you have just received.

In that case, you are advised not to go to work for the next three days before you recover. Just take your time and sleep.

We promise you that after three days, your system will be back to normal as always and nothing will worry you again.

3. Headache and Muscle pains

Nothing is always as disturbing as having headache or muscle pains. Like, nobody is always happy to have their duties delayed simply because of these two.

But again, just like any other symptoms, these two must be taken into consideration. Depending on how your immune system responds, we are sorry to say that you are likely to experience them.

Just know it in your mind that it is the vaccine doing it’s work. For this case, you are advised not take any other drug unless otherwise stated by your physician.

It is better to just take a rest and avoid stressful activities for a period of three days. After which everything will get back to normal.

In conclusion, for your own good health and all that, you are supposed to go for the vaccine. Just comply with your government and give them easy Time.

Everything will be well after that. We hope it makes sense to you, follow us for more articles coming through as time goes by. Like, share and comment.