Betting Right: See how this guy won huge in last Champions League match

By Ediale Kingsley
This is how to put your money where your mouth is.
Do the maths:
Thats 33,725 + 7,962 = N40k +
Not bad for my loyalty. They earn, I earn. We love football.
Okay some little interpretation for the novices among us:
What I did here was stake on two tickets. And ensure just same 2 games on both tickets.
Game 1.
Stade Rennes vs Monaco.
On this match I predicted a straight draw on both tickets.
Game 2.
Barca vs Liverpool.
On this match I had 2 predictions on both tickets.
For ticket 1, I predicted a correct score 3:0.
For ticket 2, I predicted that Liverpool wont score + Barca will win + the goals will be more than one.
So it all happened and I am in some good mood.
This is fun.