Frustrated prison officer blows up his own head

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A prison officer has allegedly killed himself over his inability to pay house rent and meet other financial obligations.

Kayode Adeniyi, attached to a correctional centre in Ondo town, Ondo, reportedly shot himself in the head in his room and died instantly.

His reason for taking his own life had to do with financial difficulty.

Before he dies, he complained of neighbours and other residents in the street making jest of him for his inability to pay his house rent, electricity bill and others.

“Whenever we were discussing, he would be lamenting over some issues, which included house rent and electricity bills,” a friend of his said.

“We even advised him to relocate to another place if he could not stand it or calm down those he owed that he would pay them later. We did not know he had another plan in mind. We did not know why he did that? Probably it was due to stress from personal issues or other challenges.”

The late officer left no note behind, and the crime scene comprised mainly the dane gun he suicide to blow his own head.