In 24 hours, 2m citizens download coronavirus contact tracing App in Australia

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Within 24 hours of introduction, about two million citizens have downloaded a new smartphone App, “COVIDSafe”, developed by the government of Australia for tracing contacts of coronavirus across the country. The Australian government made the acknowledgement on Monday after the introduction of the App on Sunday amidst reservations of overlooking privacy of citizens in the goal of speeding up the end of social-distancing lockdowns in Australia.

The Australian Minister of Health, Greg Hunt, commended citizens acceptance of the policy since the app was introduced on Sunday evening, noting that citizens participation is “extraordinary”. He disclosed that 1.9 million citizens downloaded the App in less than 24 hours.

It was highlighted that of the 25 million population in Australia, over 6,700 coronavirus positive cases have been detected, with daily new cases reducing to 10-20 in the face of widespread testing.

The Australian authorities have acknowledged the increasing pressures to end lockdown and soften restrictions on travel and public gatherings enforced to contain the spread of coronavirus in the country. It was identified that the economy is being devastated in the lockdown period.

The Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, was gathered to have explained that some restrictions, which include ban on travel to Australia by non-residents, will persist till September.

The Prime Minister, however, stated that lockdown easing may commence as soon as government develops capacity to expand testing for coronavirus and improve tracing of new outbreaks quickly.