Man eater pays teenagers to scout for young boys he cannibalizes, shares with others in Gusau

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Aminu Baba ordinarily appears a good man dealing in cars and making good, blessed too, with three wives and 19 children in Gusau, Zamfara.

It took three human beings cannibalized, their organs traded before the psychopath in him became known.

His last victim was a nine-year-old Ahmad Yakubu Aliyu whom Baba’s henchmen, Ahmad Tukur and Adulshakur Mohammed, lured into an uncompleted building, and murdered.

State CP Aliyu Elkanah said the Aminchi motor dealer confessed to the crime. Likewise his scout, one of them stating that was his third contract with Baba.

“I paid them N500,000 for each of the killing of the two young boys. We removed penis, eyes, intestines and Esophagus and I used to eat these human organs and sell some to those who need them,” Baba said.

Mohammad confirmed it. Baba, according to him, made them remove the boy’s intestines, oesophagus, privates, and two eyes. He gave them N500,000 as agreed.

Aliyu’s remains were found decomposing in the uncompleted building in Barakallahu area of Gusau metropolis. The boy’s parents and police already declared him missing.

The house owner discovered the corpse when he came for his construction work.

So he informed the police.