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NESG holds 29th Summit



NESG holds 29th Summit
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The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) will be holding the 29th Nigerian Economic Summit (#NES29) with the theme “Pathways to Sustainable Economic Transformation and Inclusion” on 23rd and 24th of October, 2023.

The annual Nigerian Economic Summit (NES) is organised in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning. The Summit is a yearly gathering of high-level public and private sector leaders in Abuja, the nation’s capital, for dialogue on the Nigerian economy.


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According to the NESG, the summit will have five Sub-Themes

The five sub-themes were highlighted as follows:

Stimulating Economic Growth

It was noted that by optimising resource utilisation, embracing innovative technologies, and enhancing skills development, Nigeria can bolster productivity, improve domestic and global competitiveness, and foster economic growth.

Harnessing Human Capital

Knowledge, skills, abilities, and health of citizens, is a critical resource that drives productivity, innovation, and sustainable development. Nigeria faces significant barriers to effectively harnessing its human capital.


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Mobilising Finance for Sustainable Development

Nigeria can leverage a compelling portfolio of competitive investment-grade projects and social investment programmes to access and deploy financial resources in support of sustainable development initiatives.

Reforming Public Institutions

The state of Nigeria’s public institutions plays a crucial role in driving socioeconomic growth, but several challenges need to be addressed for effective reform.

Promoting National Cohesion and Inclusion

Promoting a strong national vision, identity, and shared values that serve as the foundation for social contracts and compacts is essential for fostering a sense of belonging, ensuring equal rights and opportunities for all citizens, and addressing social divisions.

Prospective participants are encouraged to register through the Nigerian Economic Summit (NES) website.
According to the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG):


“The 29th Nigerian Economic Summit (#NES29) with the theme “Pathways to Sustainable Economic Transformation and Inclusion” is scheduled to hold on the 23rd and 24th of October, 2023.”

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