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Niger burns after coup



Niger burns after coup
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Citizens of Niger Republic have gone on wild violence, attacking politicians on the streets, setting the cities ablaze in the aftermath on the military coup on Wednesday which ousted President Mohamed Bazoum from power.

While the citizens have continued to express solidarity and support for the military regime, many have gone on extreme violence of arson, and looting public houses.

A report on Friday portrayed the deteriorating situation in Niger thus:


“Nagative impact of crises
“Military transition in Niger has resulted to massive destruction of public properties, lynching of politicians, and theft in public Houses.”

A female politician was shown on a trending video being beaten in the public by citizens of Niger as they express support for the emergent military regime.

And General Tchiani, the new President of the National Council for the Rescue of the Homeland (CNSP), addresses the Country.


A trending video currently shows the inferno on the streets of the capital city in the country.