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Gabonese Army Officers Oust Bongo, Declare Seizure of Power



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In a stunning development, a group of Gabonese army officers has successfully ousted President Ali Bongo from power, announcing their takeover of the government. The swift and seemingly well-coordinated action has plunged the country into uncertainty, raising concerns both domestically and internationally.

Reports indicate that the officers took control of key government buildings and infrastructure in the capital city, Libreville, during the early hours of the morning. President Ali Bongo, who has been in power since 2009, is reported to be safe but confined to an undisclosed location.

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The reasons behind the military’s move remain unclear, and it’s uncertain whether this is a coup d’état or a broader power transition orchestrated by factions within the army. International leaders have called for restraint and a peaceful resolution to the crisis, emphasizing the importance of adhering to democratic principles.

The soldiers who introduced themselves as members of the CTRI (The Committee of Transition and Restoration of Institutions) said, “We have decided to defend peace by putting an end to the regime in power.”

The United Nations and regional organizations have issued statements expressing concern about the situation and urging all parties to respect the rule of law. The African Union has announced plans to send an envoy to Gabon to assess the situation firsthand.

The Gabonese population is awaiting further information about the motivations behind the military’s actions and the direction the country will take under the new leadership. Social media is abuzz with both support and apprehension, reflecting the divided sentiments of the citizens.

As the situation unfolds, neighboring countries and the global community are closely watching the developments in Gabon. The nation’s stability and the smooth transition of power are crucial not only for Gabon’s citizens but also for the stability of the region.

The coming days will undoubtedly provide more clarity on the motives behind the military’s actions and the potential impact on Gabon’s political landscape. For now, the international community remains vigilant, urging a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

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