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Nigeria disagrees with US, UK, receives 15 Coronavirus doctors, medical facilities   



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Nigerian government has disagreed with the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK), Japan and other countries controlling big economies chastising China on the outbreak of coronavirus from Wuhan, Mainland China. While pressures are mounted on the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to file a suit demanding over 357 million pounds as damages for coronavirus infection in the UK, the US has been confronting China, seeking international uprising against the Asian giant. Japan chided the World Health Organization for promoting more of China coronavirus business interest than finding solution to the dreaded virus that has shut down economies and governments across the world.

Nigeria, however, on Wednesday took delivery of medical facilities which counties of the world are rejecting, as well as 15 medical personnel from China. The doctors were brought in to provide technical assistance in the country’s struggle to contain the spread of coronavirus in Nigeria.

However, Nigerian doctors have been handling coronavirus cases with success, some patients have been cured and rehabilitated.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Aderemi Afolabi

    April 9, 2020 at 9:39 am

    China’s intention may be good but Nigeria must be watchful to avoiding our people been used as guinea pigs. We cannot compare ourselves with serious countries with transparent & dedicated leaders. Good that the coronavirus is not sectional, tribal, religious or respect the rich & the powerful. No where to run to. We all must stay together to fight & overcome this menace.

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