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Nigeria worse off under Buhari – MBF



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The Middle Belt Forum (MBF) on Tuesday said the Buhari-led administration had failed to fulfill its myriad of promises to Nigerians.

The forum President, Bitrus Pogu, who stated this in an Arise TV interview, said the Buhari administration had failed to turn Nigeria around as promised almost eight years ago.

President Muhammadu Buhari had in a documentary shown last Friday on the occasion of his 80th birthday said he was being harassed by Nigerians despite trying his best since his coming to office in 2015.

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Buhari’s confession came amid criticism mounted by Nigerians against him as his administration expires in a few months.

Pogu argued that the Buhari-led administration was marked by nepotism, accusing the President of supervising losses.

“When Buhari was coming to power, he made a lot of promises. Judging from his performance so far, we’ll say he has failed. Economy, rather than improving, has worsened off. Insecurity under him has also escalated. Maybe lately because of threats of impeachment by the National Assembly, things are now improving.

“It is clear nepotism has become the rule of the day to the extent that critical areas in the government are headed by one section of the country. Going by this, the President has not performed well.

“If we consider the infrastructural developments, what we see are cosmetic efforts on the foundations made by the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

“We are using borrowed funds. The country is indebted unnecessarily. If there is any assessment so far, it can only be said that the country is retrogressive. We have a lackadaisical government that supervises losses in the case of oil theft and others.”

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