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Kukah lauds Buhari on infrastructure development



Kukah lauds Buhari on infrastructure development
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Bishop Matthew Kukah of Sokoto Catholic Diocese has lauded President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration on infrastructure development.

Kukah made the commendation in his Christmas message delivered at St. Mary Catholic Church titled: “Let us turn a new leaf”, on Sunday in Sokoto.

He called for more alignment on anti-corruption efforts, noting that Nigerians acknowledged that there had been a measurable improvement in the landscape, especially in the area of roads.

He advised Nigerians, especially those who were given custody of public trust and commonwealth, to rise up to the duties for which they had been so handsomely rewarded.

” Those holding elective office must appreciate that they have not been entrusted with the keys of our commonwealth just so they can turn it into their private money machines.

” History will record them and their roles, how they used the great opportunity God gave them among millions of other citizens, to witness to Him and to do good,” he said.

Kukah urged members of the political class to demonstrate their grasp of the length and breath of the problems that our country faced with emphasis on providing developmental solutions.

” We have heard your promises, but we do know that promises before elections are sweet, but actions after elections are often bitter.

” I plead with you to co-operate and collaborate with institutions which are tasked with the responsibilities for these elections,” Kukah advised.

He called on INEC, security agencies, the National Peace Committee, Civil Society Organisations and the entire people of Nigeria, to live up to the expectations on their responsibilities and always promote peace and cordial coexistence.

The bishop cautioned Nigerians against spreading hatred but should always work to creating a vision that would unite the country and it’s good image in the world.