OAU mudered student’s autopsies out; intact external, internal organs, fractured femur, decomposition fuel more speculations

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About a month after his death and coroner inquest, Timothy Adegoke’s remains are still generating controversies between the suspects, Hiltons Hotel owner Ramon Adedoyin, his staff, and the family of the late lodger.

Out so far are two results of the autopsy the Osun University Hospital conducted on the corpse of the OAU student found buried distance away from the hotel.

While the reports have not been made officially public, those concerned are already looking for what favors them. Neither of the parties have found so many.

The four-hour autopsy was conducted on November 22 by six experts including three pathologists. They have presented their reports to the Police Headquarters, Abuja with a copy submitted to the Osun State Police Command weeks ago.

Both results confirm the identity of the 37-year-old. They also agree on almost all the issues except the cause of death.

Sources, The Nation claimed, revealed that a report states Adegoke died from ‘severe trauma’ while the other report says the cause of death could not be medically determined because of decomposition.

Both reports however, agree his internal and external organs (including the genitalia) were complete, untouched and in their normal positions.

The decomposition had affected the heart, kidney, livers and others, rendering them difficult for any toxicology.

“Pathologists agreed that no incision, cut or blood injuries, bruises or wound were found on his neck. The deceased suffered no fracture wounds or injuries to his ribs,” the newspaper reported.

But the reports confirm a sub-capital fracture on his femur.

The hotel management attempted to cover up the death of Adegoke who checked into their hotel at Moro, Ile-Ife, in preparation for his MBA exam.

The lodging fee he paid was received in the personal account of the female receptionist.

The late Adegoke’s phone was also tracked down and found in possession of one of the hotel managers outside of Ife.

Police later arrested and detained Adedoyin alongside six others following the confession of the receptionist.