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Obaseki says politics has evolved beyond what it was in 1999, youths have taken over



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Godwin Obaseki the governor of Edo state has said that politics has evolved past the way it was in 1999 and has expired as youths have taken over.

Speaking during a Peoples Democratic Party stakeholders meeting in Benin-City, the Governor stated that Nigerians youths never liked the way they were treated during the #EndSARS protest and Nigerians leaders shouldn’t wait for them to express themselves that way again.

Obaseki also said the insecurity witnessed in the country is as a result of hunger, desperation and failure of the political system.

He said;

“Nigeria is going to a new stage; there is a new paradigm. The politics we started in 1999 has now expired or is expiring.

“So anybody who is playing politics the way it was played in 1999 cannot succeed because the children who were five, six years old in 1999, today are now getting married. They are now the ones that are going to be in charge.

“So if we don’t provide leadership, they will push us aside. They are more than us, I have their data. they are not happy. They did not like what we did to them during #EndSARS. So we don’t have to wait for them to express themselves again.

“Let us provide leadership. Because as you know, those who make peaceful change impossible, make violent change inevitable. So what you are seeing in insecurity today, in hunger, in the desperation of our people, is the sign of the failure of our political system. And we have to correct it.

“We have started in Edo and we must continue. The old order can no longer hold. There is a new order. We have a choice, either to shape the new order or the new order will overwhelm us.”

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