Poorest family in Nigeria sold two babies for N20,000

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Ediale Kingsley (National Daily’s Entertainment and Sports desk head) brings you a tale trending on the internet. Story of Bayo, who narrates his life experiences as he declares his self as the poorest person in Nigeria. Read, share as we kick start a campaign against poverty… #KillThePoverty

You said you are a full blooded Nigerian why?

My name is Bayo , I’m a “full blooded” Nigerian. I know why I said that. My Father is Hausa , my mum is Yoruba and my maternal grand mother is Igbo.My first home address was Iyana Songo under-bridge, Lagos. Where I lived under the bridge with my dad Hassan who is a cobbler and my mum who sells sachet water.

Do you have any siblings?

I learnt that I have two brothers, alive, they were sold out when they were babies to some rich couples. My parents said they did it for me to survive. How much did they sell each of them for? 20,000 naira!

So how has finding a job become a challenge for you?

At sixteen. I missed a great job opportunity of being a bus conductor to “Bade area” as he was called. He said I was an “aboki” and not wise enough to be a Lagos conductor.


All these did not start today. My Father had a rich father in Kano but when he married a Christian wife he was disowned. He came to Lagos as he sought greener pastures like many Lagosians. Neither my mum’s Yoruba Father nor her Igbo mother accepted her. Under the bridge became our home.
What could an “Aboki” like me do but to resort to truck pushing. That was when I met Idowu.

Who is Idowu?

Idowu became my closest companion, although he was fourteen he looked eighteen. I complained of how it was hard to be a truck pusher. He told me that truck pushing wasn’t for everyone but anyone can be a drug pusher he told me that he made two thousand five hundred naira every day! I made only about three hundred naira. I never thought twice before saying yes.

So Idowu was a bad influence?

Idowu introduced me to Zanga , I knew as a “garage boy” but I never knew that he was also the king of the night in our “area”. He was the leader of a group called “area boys”. Zanga and his boys always extorted money from bus drivers and some bike riders who weren’t “sharp enough”. We got to his “office”, a small shop. He listened to Idowu as he narrated my ordeal and my need for help.

So Zanga helped you?

Zanga agreed to help, but not until I did something to show that I was fit. He said that an aspiring senator wanted his help in rigging the forth coming election and he told him that he should come alone and bring cash only. Zanga said that the money was ten million. He gave me every detail I needed. He said I should steal the money so that the senator will have to pay twice.

Really, tell us more. What happened?

I knew the route the senator will take so I had to set ditches on his way. He finally fell into the trap. It was 12am and no help could come for him. Some boys and I surrounded him and went away with the money. I promised the boys one million when Zanga give me my share. In my small mind I thought that I would be “50/50″.

So you did the job and got that much?

I was” rightly-wrong”, he gave me five thousand and fifty naira. What will I tell the boys?I told Idowu to help me take care of my mother that I will have to leave Lagos, because boys are not smiling. He should also explain things to my father after I leave Lagos.
I left Lagos by following a trailer headed Northwards.

Are you sure of this story?

Of course not, this is fiction. Isn’t that why you started your intro with the word tale.