See how fuel attendants cheat car owners in Nigeria

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Fuel attendants especially in Lagos State have formed the habit of cheating customers especially car owners. Unsuspecting motorists always fall victims of their dubious attitudes.

We are definitely going to expose them right here. After today, you will no longer be cheated when you are buying fuel in your car.

Here are some things to learn.

1. Always come out of your car to buy fuel.

2. Fix your eyes on the meter. They will try to distract you, but remain focused.

3. This is the most important aspect of it all. This how fuel attendants cheat many people. After they might have programmed the amount of fuel you want to buy. After selling to a certain point, they will stop meter from dispensing fuel.

Please you need to take a look at the the meter, if it is blinking, they have not finished selling your fuel. When sales is complete, the meter will be stabled, as against blinking.

This information is coming from personal experience, after fallen victims many times but has now mastered how these fuel attendants cheat.

You can add your own experiences, also share the information to your friends and family.