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Surviving social media anxiety disorder



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The Research and Development Unit of Yudala; Nigeria’s pioneer online and offline e-commerce outfit has given antidotes to controlling social media anxiety disorder currently ravaging many Nigerians, especially young adults.

Social media has grown in importance and today, plays a greater role in our daily lives. Indeed, the majority of people rely on their social media networks for a number of things including lifestyle habits, trends and social validation.

According to Yudala, social media anxiety disorder is related to social anxiety, a mental illness which occurs when social media interferes with the mental and physical health of a person, causing one to feeling adequate, jealous, incompetent and unsatisfied.

While social media is a useful way of connecting with people and a remarkable way of bridging the gap between loneliness and companionship with just a click; it is important to exercise caution.

Yudala said admitting the problem is the first stage. “Social Media Anxiety Disorder can be difficult to treat, considering the emphasis on social media networking as a model of success, especially in business.”

The online e-commerce outfit also advises user to stop comparing themselves, stressing that social media platforms can make you feel like you haven’t accomplished a lot especially when you see the make-believe lifestyle of your social network.

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It advises people to socialize more in real life rather than on social media. “When your social media friends aren’t as responsive as normal, you may become anxious and start to feel lonely and that’s when social media anxiety sets in.”


“Often, it is advisable to disengage from your social media platforms. Setting a specific social media time limit for yourself daily or weekly can be very helpful. By doing this, you can then gradually shut off from it completely until you feel comfortable. While this may not be easy initially because of the attachment you may have, you will find an alternative way to keep yourself occupied over time.”

Yudala also advices active users of the social media to have a quiet and relaxing time. “Going for a walk and being by yourself sometimes, with no distraction from your mobile phone or social media, actually gives you the chance to clear your mind, focus and think more clearly.”

It said people should focus on their passion as an alternative, “What starts as a check in on Facebook or Instagram can all of a sudden turn to a 2- 3-hour waste of time. Instead of that, you can develop your hobbies. Find something you are really passionate about and focus on them, rather than spending time on social media and thinking someone else is doing better than you.”