This is what APC is using to de-market Peter Obi in the north

The PDP V.P candidate Peter Obi is fighting to extricate himself from an anti-north label he claims some people in the APC are trying to stick on him.

An allegation is being circulatedthat he demolished mosques when he was governor of Anambra State, snubbed Sultan Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar III, and drove the Hausa away from Anambra.

He was said to have also shunned former Minister of Finance Dr. Shamsuddeen Usman’s attempt at mediation and did not visit schools in the North.

Obi, however, told journalists at Southern Sun, Lagos, yesterday, some political elites wasting their energy rather than focusing on resolving the plight of several millions of Nigerians without livelihood.

He said they are doing this in desperation to be elected into public offices so that they will continue with impoverishing the nation and the generality of the people.

“As a matter of fact, the mosque at Onitsha was destroyed before I became governor,” he said.

That he snubbed the Sultan of Sokoto who was in the State as ridiculous— Obi said that was irresponsibility and disrespect for elders and leaders. And that is not in his character.

“The irony of this concoction is that I have been a friend of His Eminence, the Sultan right from my first year at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, in 1980 through his tenure as Nigeria’s Defence Attaché in Pakistan till the present,” he said.

On Sultan’s visit, he said it was purely a courtesy call after which he personally accompanied him to see the Obi of Onitsha.

“I also requested His Eminence to visit the Hausa community in the state during which I offered to rebuild and subsequently gave them the funds for that purpose.”

The former governor has been chosen by the PDP flagbearer Abubakar Atiku because of his frugality and gravity as public office holder—and for the in-road an Igbo vice president can create for the PDP in the election.