We must never be prisoners of our past – Dep. Gov. Otuaro

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Deputy Governor Kingsley Otuaro of Delta State in his new year message encouraged the people of the state and beyond to encounter the year 2022 with new spirit and never be prisoners of the past year.

Deputy Governor Otuaro thanked the people of Delta State for the support they have given to the state government and the dominant party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which he belongs.

The deputy governor noted that 2022 will have many feelings in the life of the people with the temptation for people to continue to have reminiscence of the past year.

Deputy Governor in a statement declared: “I wish to formally welcome you to the year 2022 and thank you for all the support over all these years.

“The beginning of the year is characterized by many feelings; midst the euphoria, there is also the temptation to observe the sun with the same attitudes as the previous year.

“Things don’t certainly work that way. We must embrace the new with the right mentality.

“We should strive never to be prisoners of our past. Neither are we product of its hurt.

“The past was just a lesson and not a life sentence. We must pioneer our future; making deliberate choices that will advance the course of our destiny.”

Otuaro maintained: “Undoubtedly, you made some gains last year, and we owe God thanks. For the territories we conquered and the miles we achieved, while we may consider that it is all by our efforts, we cannot also discount the place of God’s favour.

“Consequently, I wish to admonish all my friends and family at home and abroad to be hopeful of the amazing blessings God has packaged for every one of us.

“For me, the year 2022 is an important year, filled with awesome testimonies, and I am absolutely committed to the path God will lead me on, and I know we will all sing songs of victory at last.

“On behalf of my family, I wish you all an incredibly exciting and productive year 2022.”