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Women league needs restructuring — Maltida



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TEAM manager of Nigeria Women Football League champions, Rivers Angels, Mrs Matilda Oyiloha has described the Annual General Congress of the NWFL held recently as a congress marred with too many irregularities.

She told National Daily that the Congress was smuggled in four relegated teams, namely; FC Robo, Martins White Doves, Pelican Stars and Taraba Queens back to the NWFL for this season’s campaign which is expected to kick-off on this weekend.

Matilda who was present at the congress revealed how these clubs were promoted back to the women premier league. She explained that “The first mistake was made when Pelican Stars was brought back into the league after the rules had it that teams that fail to honor up to 3 league games will be automatically relegated”. “Pelican failed to honor more than 3 games last season and they still went ahead to bring them including Taraba Queens that had similar case with them”. “When we started the congress proper, a projector was set and Fourteen teams were on the list for draws to be conducted but the other two teams, Martins White Doves and FC Robo had to demand that they be brought back since there was no relegation, before we knew it, everyone was asked to add both teams” Matilda narrated. Following the scenario that led to the relegation of Pelican Stars and Taraba Queens, Matilda questioned the possibility of these teams executing their games this season.