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World’s richest man confirms mum sleeps in his garage 



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Elon Musk , whose fortune currently stands at $250bn, has confirmed his mum sleeps in his garage anytime she visits him in Texas where he runs his Space X, Tesla and two other tech companies.

In an interview, Maye Musk, 74, said her son is not interested in hogging physical possessions at all.

She said she has to “sleep in the garage” at the $50,000 home the tech billionaire rents on the company premises.

“You can’t have a fancy house near a rocket site,” she said.

At 51, Musk himself has no personal home.

“I am selling almost all physical possessions. Will own no house. “Don’t need the cash, possession just weighs you down,” the billionaire tweeted in 2020.

He said he would rather invest his assets in otherworldly ventures—especially Planet Mars exploration.

Even when the news broke that his mum slept in a garage, Musk would only confirm it.

“Yes, but I have done a lot with the place!”

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