Benny premieres latest video soon

By Chioma Obinagwam
Renowned reggae artist, Benjamin Edoja’s latest music video titled ‘life is a journey’ debuts on September 18, 2017.
Edoja who is popularly  known as Benny Paladin disclosed to National Daily in a telephone interview that the production is borne out of a true life story.
“Life is a journey is based on true life story and experiences; everything I’ve been through. From the life, industry, families and friends. The expectations and the inspirations to the ups and downs,” he stated.
In this song, the bilingual artist, explains the need to understand the journey of life and its outcome.
He said: “Sometimes, it doesn’t come as expected. More so, you must realise that success doesn’t come so easy as it was said to be. So, more creativity and efforts on daily bases must be put in to make it transparent. Just keep focus and aim for the heights no matter the circumstances that comes with it.
The Delta State born artist, who is also fluent in English and French further disclosed that the video was shot and Directed by Dr. Nell and himself on June 6 2017.
“It will be officially premiered on my birthday which happens to be the 18th September 2017. The song is huge and getting massive airplay in Europe and the diaspora. It is also, available on social media for download,” Paladin continued.
Apart from ‘Life is a Journey,’ his other works include, ‘Leg over,’ ‘Everyday,’ ‘Save the children,’ among others.

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