Court kicks woman out of marriage for cooking pork for mother-in-law

    A woman bit more than she could chew as she has been sent parking from her husband’s house.
    Her sin was that she cooked pork meat for her mother-in-law, who incidentally is a Muslim
    Her marriage was dissolved on Friday at Idi-Ogungun Customary Court at Agodi, Ibadan, after 16 years.
    National Daily learnt that following a petition that the woman’s offered pork as meal to her Muslim mother-in-law, a case was instituted against her.
    The husband, Kolawole Adegoke, a fashion designer, approached the court seeking divorce after he had accused his wife, Adeyinka, of deliberately flouting his instructions.
    Why justifying the suit on Friday in evidence, Kolawole said: “My lord, the major grudge I have against her is that she intentionally bought and cooked pork for my mother who is a Muslim.
    “Her action is disgusting; and there was no reason for her to have cooked such meat a high sense is forbidden for my mother, a Muslim.
    “The court should separate us to avoid unpleasant occurrence because I can no longer stay with a woman who perpetrates such a thing.“
    He said that Adeyinka lacked respect for him and was being controlled by her parents.
    The President of the court, Chief Mukaila Balogun, ruled that the respondent had failed to honour the summons of the court.
    Balogun held that the court would dissolve the union based on the evidence given by the plaintiff.
    “Parties cease to be husband and wife henceforth, and the registrar should serve the defendant a copy of the judgment,” he ruled.