Benefits revocation for all migrants in the United Kingdom – Controversial bill enforcement

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    Benefits Revocation Means Every Migrant Has To Work, Earn And Live By What They Gain. There Shall Be No Mercy. Only The Strong That Can Make A Difference To The United Kingdom Economy Will Only Be Allowed To Live In The United Kingdom. THOSE WITH INDEFINITE LEAVE TO REMAIN Will Equally Be Affected. The Threshold And Migrant Lapses Will Mean They Will Fall In The Category Of Expulsion. The Legislation Means Migrants Will Not Be Deported But Expelled Out Of The UK.

    Benefits Affected Will Be Housing Allocation, Housing Benefits, Student Grants And Tax Credit.

    The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) And Her Central Government Independent Diplomat Commission (IDC), Announces Within The Next 90 Days On Or Before The 14/07/2017 Will Compel A Legislation That Repels The Rights Of Migrants And Those With Indefinite Leave To Remain In The United Kingdom, Will Henceforth Lose Their Rights To Social Housing And Tax Credit Benefits.

    The British Empire In Her Ponderosity To Leverage To Economic World Power Must Revoked Social Dependency Benefits For All UK Migrants; Unless British Citizens By Birth In British Soil And Territories — By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas

    The British Government In The Headship Of Prime Minister Theresa May Would Be Expected To Revoke, Withdraw And Nullify All Benefits Given To Migrants In The United Kingdom.

    So, For The Enforcement Of Commonwealth Nations Unity And Growth Of Their Sovereign Rights And Buildership, The Benefit Laws Have Failed, As Migrants Are Now Their Own Destruction, For They Intentionally Break Their Homes, Drive Their Wives And Husbands Away For Cheap Benefit Frauds And Refusal To Return To Their Countries Voluntarily For Cheap Benefits Gains.

    This Has Made UK To Harbour Diseased Migrants Who Have Disability Of The Mind And Cannot Bring Economic Empowerment To United Kingdom.

    The Wind Of Change Is Faceless And The Face Of Change Is Ponderosity- Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas

    Not Even God Can Stop The Enforcement Of The Legislation And No Religious Sacred Can Derail It.

    It Is A History Shake Up . It Is Time For All Migrants To Return Home As United Kingdom Has No Free Lunch For Any One, Only The Abled Economic Migrants That Can Sustained Themselves Will Be Legally Allowed To Reside In The UK. Those With Children With No Economic Input By Tax Contribution To The UK Economy Must All Return Back To Their Countries. There Shall Be No Child Benefits For Any Migrant Children Only Those Born In The United Kingdom And Her Territories.

    Every Migrants Is Priorily Informed, This Is An Easter Fiesta News.


    Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas (Chairman – The Commonwealth Liberation Party)

    Statement By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas