1 Month before a heart attack, here are the 8 warning signals

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These are 8 Warning signals you may likely see when it is 1 month before a heart Attack

1. Dizziness. Men who are having heart problem will always suffer from dizziness all the time especially when is time the heart attack will happen is very close

2. Fainting. Both male and female suffer from fainting when is about a month before a heart attack will happen

3 Cold sweats. About a month before a heart attack, men and women may experience cold sweats

4. Chest Pain. Chest pain will occur when is it is about a month a heart Attacks will happen

5. Muscle change. men may experience muscle weakness and pain whereas women may have a heaviness or weakness in their arms when Attacks is very close

5. Unusual fatigue. women may suffer from unusual fatigue, insomnia or unusual disturbances in their sleep patterns.

7. Stomach trouble. stomach problems come may happen. Women may suffer from indigestion or a loss of appetite. Men may have problems with nausea.

8. Shortness of breath. There will be shortness of breath by both men and women as an early warning sign.