2023: Oshiomhole plans to pair with northern candidate

APC’s national chairman Adams Oshiomhole will pair up with a northern candidate in 2023, thereby disappointing the party’s national leader Bola Tinubu banking on the chairman’s support for 2023.

Charles Idahosa, a stalwart of the party in Edo, revealed this recently, describing Oshiomole as a shifty politician.

Speaking with Daily Independent, Idahosa said Oshiomhole will team up with a Northerner to work against Tinubu.

“I feel so sorry for Tinubu because he doesn’t know who Oshiomhole is.

“Oshiomhole will disappoint him seriously. He will not support him in 2023, he can take that to the bank,” Idahosa, one of the state party leaders battling Oshiomhole,  said in an interview with the Daily Independent.

According to him, Tinubu is one of the people supporting him as National chairman thinking that Oshiomhole will use his influence as National chairman to make him get the ticket.

”What he doesn’t know is that Oshiomhole’s ambition is to become Vice- President to a northern presidential candidate in 2023. He is going to pair a northern candidate against the interest of Tinubu.”

Oshiomhole’s posters for 2023 surfaced in Abuja and some major cities in Nigeria in 2019.

But he denied having interest or showing intention in 2023.