4 Everyday habits that can cause damage to the brain

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The brain is like the powerhouse of the human body. The fact that you can feel pain when something hits you or perform the activities you do are all credited to the brain and it’s functions in the body. Without the brain, you can’t survive a second and with a decline in brain functions, you may not be as good and smart as you were in the past.

It is for these reasons that people are often advised to take care of their brains. Both in terms of the kind of foods you eat and the Lifestyle habits you adopt, ensure they all promote good brain health to avoid having more issues along the line. In this article for the purpose of enlightenment, we are going to have a look at some everyday habits that can cause damage to the brain or even harm the brain significantly when continuously done. Just sit tight and gain a new knowledge whilst enjoying yourself.

What Are The Everyday Habits That Can Cause Damage To The Brain?

1. Smoking; this is one everyday habit for some individuals but allow me to inform you that it is one of the habits that can hurt the brain. According to medical research, smoking shrinks the brain and as such makes a person’s memory worse and also raises your risk of suffering from dementia, heart diseases, diabetes and many other cardiovascular problems. So it should be a no-no for someone trying to keep his or her brain healthy.

2. Not Eating Enough Sugar; I understand that diabetes and many other sugar induced health conditions are very common in this time and era, thus the growing fear for sugar and sugary foods. This is not bad but if you make it a habit to abstain from sugar, you are also causing problems for your brain. Reason being that the human brain needs enough glucose to function well and as such there is need to always eat sugar reasonably to keep the brain in the perfect state because low blood sugar is capable of damaging the brain.

3. You Eat too Much Junk Food; this is another habit infact, I am also guilty of this and it’s quite disheartening to say that most of us are guilty of this. Eating too much junk food can have a negative effect on the parts of the brain linked to learning, memory and mental health. So people who are fond of eating lots of hamburgers, fries, potatoes and soft drinks have poorer learning memory and mental health. It is far more better and healthier for your brain if you consume more of leafy green vegetables and fruits than always eating junk food.

4. You Miss Out On Sleep; not sleeping well is one thing we are all guilty of. There is no way you have not at one point or another missed out on sleep but the problem is constantly missing out on sleep can harm you in a very serious way. It can cause damage to your brain by increasing your risk of suffering dementia and many other brain related disturbances coupled with the fact that it raises a person’s diabetes risk and heart problems. If you are having troubles sleeping, endeavour to avoid alcohol and caffeine before bedtime to enable you sleep peacefully at a much earlier and appropriate time.

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