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5 Drugs that can harm your liver when taken excessively



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Damage to the liver is toxic liver disease. Hepatotoxicity or toxic hepatitis are other names for the same condition. If you don’t seek healthcare right away, it might lead to significant symptoms and liver damage. Hepatotoxicity can be caused by a variety of things including medications, herbal supplements, chemicals, solvents, and alcohol. But this article deals with 5 drugs that can harm the liver when taken excessively.

The liver is one of the most vital organs in the human body. It removes toxins and does a variety of additional tasks, including:

1. Fat metabolism: Hepatocytes, or liver cells, may convert dietary and stored lipids into energy. Furthermore, by creating bile acids, which are released into our digestive tracts, the liver plays an important role in our exocrine systems. They work to break down and enhance the intestinal absorption of the fats we eat in our diet. The liver additionally synthesizes cholesterol to facilitate fat transport in addition to this action.

2. Carbohydrate metabolism: When blood sugar levels are low, the liver uses stored glycogen, and when levels are high, it removes it from the circulation.

3. Protein metabolism: The liver breaks down proteins and transforms amino acids into usable energy or further processes them into macronutrients that are required. This process produces ammonia, which is poisonous. As ammonia levels rise, the liver converts it to urea, a molecule that travels via the bloodstream to the kidneys and is safely excreted in the urine.

The liver also performs the following functions:

4. Degradation of aged blood cells.

5. Recovering/recycling the iron contained in the hemoglobin protein present in red blood cells.

6. Minerals (such as iron) and vitamins are stored and released as needed.

7. Clearing the bloodstream of germs and other unwanted material.

Excess bilirubin, a component secreted from red blood cells that have been damaged or are nearing the end of their life cycle, can affect the body and brain.

Here Are 5 Drugs That Can Harm Your Liver When Taken Excessively.

1. Pain relievers.

2. Antibiotics.

3. Antiviral drugs for HIV infection.

4. Antifungal drugs.

5. Alcohol.

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