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Adelusi urges media to remove trust deficit in public institutions



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The chairman at the National Daily Awards, Prince Julius Adelusi Adeluyi, in Lagos on Friday urged the media in Nigeria to remove the trust deficit in the system. The chairman noted the decay in the system and was of the view that media has  a   role to play to change things round and   remove trust deficit in the system.

Adelusi  pointed out the skepticism over awards by  some organisations.

According to him, “there are awards, the nation is awash with awards; but the National Daily wants to make a difference and do make a difference.

“The nation needs redirection towards awards of integrity, awards you can trust.”

Prince Julius Adelusi Adeluyi, recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award, further highlighted the problems of      the country, noting that things have gone wrong. He declared, among others, that “Nigeria is still in a difficult place, but will get out difficulties.”

He talked about choices and  consequences.

Details later.

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