All you should know to become a CCNA

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The Cisco Certified Network Associate, abbreviated CCNA, is one of the most recognized IT qualifications today. Cisco, a prominent worldwide networking hardware firm, gives this entry-level networking certification. The CCNA certificate confirms a candidate’s knowledge and proficiency in the core networking principles required for networking employment in IT organizations.

Look at more info about CCNA if you want to enrol into the course.

What Is CCNA?

CCNA as in Cisco, provides many networking credentials to evaluate an aspirant’s networking abilities and reasoning. When a networking aspirant begins his career, the most crucial credential to obtain is the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), which must be earned to advance in their professional career. Because of its complexity and quality, this is the most regarded, trustworthy, and valued certification.

Candidates with CCNA Certification are in great demand among all major organizations since they are regarded as networking specialists. The CCNA certification validates an individual’s ability to configure, debug, and operate switched and routed networks.

How To Apply For CCNA?

To register for the CCNA, you must first contact Pearson VUE. Pearson VUE is a Cisco partner that offers you an exam environment in which to finish the test. You may sign up online. The CCNA examination costs $325 (£251). However, if you choose to take two ICND1 and ICND2 tests rather than one, you must pay $165 (£127) for each.

There are test sites accessible all across the world. When registering for a test, you must provide your legal name, Cisco Certification ID or Test ID number, firm name, email address, and payment method.

Career Scope And Salary 

As CCNA is a vital training course for network professionals, the career opportunities are numerous not just in India but globally. The CCNA certification is a must-have for IT workers. The credential is quite valuable; nevertheless, if you are seeking CCNA and CCNP, Global certification is a better option. 

Clearing the CCNA certifies you as a professional with a proven understanding of networking and network administration. The CCNA opens up a wide range of job opportunities, and you’ll frequently find network engineers, technicians, support engineers, administrators, and analysts sitting CCNA certifications. While your employment duties may vary depending on your position, these are the common titles for which the CCNA opens doors.

One of the most popular reasons for administrators to pursue certification is the possibility of higher compensation. A recent poll found that the typical income range for a CCNA was $39,000-$119,000 (£30,226-£92,225). Similarly, the typical CCNA income, according to Cisco, is $79,942 (£61,995).

Benefits Of CCNA Certification

Every CCNA certification ensures that applicants have a thorough knowledge of core networking principles. These certifications enable networking experts to keep their knowledge and abilities up to speed with new advances in the field. CCNA certificates are highly valued on resumes and can lead to interviews and job chances in prestigious organizations. Even inside organizations, CCNA-certified experts are paid more and are given more possibilities than their non-certified counterparts.

  • Knowledge: The Certification expands your knowledge of networking with a global Cisco Certification and verifies your abilities and education experience via theoretical and practical comprehension of a topic. Certifications provide an advantage over knowledge in obtaining a job.
  • Skills: Training for a CCNA certification prepares you for a variety of tasks as a networking specialist.
  • Career growth: The CCNA Certification leads to advancement in one’s job. The career can be blown up by a new set of technologies and an improvement in the person’s talents.
  • Credibility: A CCNA certification confirms your talents in the eyes of your company or recruiting manager. It says that Cisco has certified your abilities, knowledge, and expertise in Cisco networking infrastructure.
  • Salary Increment: Better qualifications lead to better profiles and more pay, therefore a candidate with CCNA Certification always has an advantage over non-certification holders.
  • Versatility: According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for networking experts is rapidly increasing. CCNA is easily adaptable to numerous positions and gives a solid basis for several sectors. It’s a great qualification to have in your name.

The Bottom Line

The last words is that if you work hard and devote yourself, you can pass the CCNA certification test. The most important aspect of CCNA Certification Preparation is selecting the suitable study material and studying method. To make the most of this chance, one must set aside a significant amount of time by prioritizing their efforts and other resources. The CCNA certification will allow you to enter the world of networking.