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Alleged Assault: Sam Larry breaks silence about Mohbad’s death



Alleged Assault: Sam Larry breaks silence about Mohbad's death
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The ongoing controversy surrounding the alleged assault involving Nigerian music producer and artist manager, Sam Larry, has taken a dark turn as the producer, who has been in hiding since the demise of fast-raising artist Mohbad, broke his silence.

In a shocking twist, Sam Larry has denied involving or have knowledge of what led to the death of popular musician Mohbad, who was allegedly involved in the altercation with him on several occasions. The conflicting narratives have deepened the mystery and concern surrounding this incident.

The controversy began when videos of an alleged altercation between Sam Larry and Mohbad went viral on social media. These videos depicted a heated confrontation between the two, with allegations of assault and physical violence. The incident led to widespread condemnation and calls for justice.

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In a statement issued via his social media account, Sam Larry addressed the allegations, stating, “I want to clarify that I have been in hiding due to the threats and concerns for my safety. The videos that have been circulating online are from the incident that occurred over a year ago, as I previously explained. However, I was shocked and deeply saddened Mohbad’s death in connection with our altercation. I want to make it clear that I knew nothing about his reported death.

Fans of Mohbad have expressed outrage and concern, demanding answers and transparency from all parties involved.


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