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Angry Lagos residents stone Taskforce official to death



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An official of the Lagos State Environmental Task Force was killed after being hit with a sharp stone in his skull by some angry youth. 
National Daily gathered that the late official whose identity was yet to be made public was among the team of task force officials who were in convoy last week to carry out mass raid and arrest of wares in streets and major highways at lekki area of Lagos State as part of measure to implement the full law against street and highway trading in Lagos State
It was gathered that the official met his untimely death shortly after the raiding. As they were moving out of the area some youths mainly traders whose goods had been taken away by the task-force officials decided to attack back by using hard stones like granite to attack the officials. 
In the process one of the officials got hit on his fore head. It caused him a lot of bleeding leading to loss of blood. His fellow officials rushed him immediately to nearby hospital on arrival the doctor checked him and few minute later confirmed him dead.
The resident of the state have been angry following the manner the task force team in Lagos State  forcefully always took their goods away, sold them off and share the proceed among themselves for their selfish game
Those who mistakenly cross the road had paid a lot of money to the officials as part of bail process
Most of the officials usually act like touts often times one may think they are armed robbers. The dead official was buried at the weekend in a plot of land he bought at Ikorodu area of the State

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