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Asaba Anglican bishop appeals to Nigerians to return to God



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Bishop, Anglican Communion, Asaba Diocese, Rt. Rev. Justus Mogekwu, has urged Nigerians to return to God in order to attract His mercy.
Mogekwu, who on Thursday in Asaba, on the importance of Christmas, said only God would bring back prosperity to the country.
He said that in spite of the political and technological advancement, the world was gradually winding down because they have neglected God.
The clergy urged leaders to show love to the people which he said was the main reason for celebrating Christmas, for “Christ is Love.’
“This season must make us humble enough to come closer to God and ask for His mercy, for we have transgressed.
“Nigeria has been very fortunate that all these years things that would have torn apart this country has happened and we have survived it.
“So the hope we have is to retrace our steps back to God and on how we are running our politics.
 “When men who are elected to build up the nation pockets the resources of the land, that is injustice and where there is injustice, there cannot be peace,” he said.
The bishop said that no nation could grow when the leaders kill, cheat and maim one another.
He, however, advised the country’s leaders, be they Christians or Muslims to go back to God and retrace their steps.
“When they turn to God and retrace their steps, God will help us and in spite of the fall in oil prices, we can go into agriculture and God will bless the land.’’
Mogekwu said that celebrating Christmas was not for just eating and drinking, but to reflect on the reasons for His birth which was to save mankind.
“Therefore, it is illogical for anybody to say that he is celebrating Christmas unless he knows the Christ, who is the reason for the season.
“But when you celebrate Christmas as a true Christian, then it is an occasion to rejoice and thank God for what the coming of Christ has done in human history which is to reconcile man to God.
“Christianity is not just a religion but an experience, a lifestyle developed from an inner encounter with Christ,” Mogekwu said.

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