Asari Dokubo accuses Buhari of plotting to disarm, weaken Southerners for Fulani invasion

  • Raises alarm, we’re all being led to the slaughter

Leader of the defunct Niger Delta Volunteer Force (NDVF), Alhaji Mujeed Asari Dokubo, has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of plotting to disarm and weaken citizens in the South to enable Fulani militias invade and overrun southern Nigeria without resistance. Dokubo in a video being circulated in the social media and accessed byNational Daily,accordingly, placed the people of southern Nigeria on red alert over the controversial Executive Order of the President that directed the revocation of firearms license issued to Nigerian citizens.

Dokubo condemned the withdrawal of licenses for all guns used by hunters in villages. According to him, “the president is withdrawing licenses for all the guns hunters are using in the villages. The reason he will adduce for the ‘mischief’ is that bandits are operating and killing people in Arewa North.”

Dokubo observed that the bandits do not use den guns or double barrel. He highlighted that the bandits operate with sophisticated weapons; maintaining that the bandits are using automatic rifle, high caliber weapons, rocket propelled grenade, protesting that the bandits are using the most sophisticated weapons ever declared in warfare.

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Dokubo insisted that these weapons are not licensed nor registered by the bandits for the issuance of license. “War is at our doorstep,” he declared.

Dokubo, therefore, argued that the revocation of license by the president is targeted at citizens who are organizing themselves for self-defence whenever the bandits attack their territory.

He narrated that in Edo State, people formed vigilante groups who have been watching their communities. He said that the vigilante groups have been working in collaboration with the Nigeria Police to check the menace of the herdsmen, noting that the vigilante groups have been effective in Edo State.

“Buhari is trying to disarm our people so that we cannot defend ourselves, he wants to weaken us that we cannot put up self-defence when the herdsmen invade our communities and kill out people.

“Buhari does not want any resistance from our people when the herdsmen invade our land. They should invade, rape our wives, rape out daughters and slaughter our people. We are all being led to the slaughter,” Dokubo declared inter alia.

He called on the people of Ijaw, Esan land, Urhobo, Itsekiri, etc, to be at alert, and rise with one voice to condemn and protest the Executive Order.