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Asuen Ighodalo: God forbid another Obaseki



Asuen Ighodalo: God Forbid Another Obaseki
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Fillers making the rounds suggest that Governor Godwin Obaseki will be featuring his type and cast in 2023 gubernatorial election in the person of Barrister Aseun Ighodalo, an investment banker like himself. Did I hear you say godfatherism?

It will be counterproductive for the luckless state that has witnessed outright lawlessness; total brigade, criminal destruction of people’s homes, livelihoods and businesses, collapse of state roads across board, healthcare stagnation, unremitting ruination of the education sector, inhuman asphyxiation of citizens’ rights and unbridled betrayal to have another type of Godwin Obaseki as Governor.

In the last seven years of the locust, under Governor Obaseki’s colourless; ruderless and brazen looting of common patrimony, Edo State sunk bellow the surface in all indices of economic growth, job creation, standard of living and political party development. It’s only Godwin Obaseki who knew the people he gave 200,000 (two hundred thousand) jobs he created to because no one has seen those jobs and the people apart from himself and his social media urchins.

A leader in his party in Edo South hints of the leprous nature of Governor Obaseki’s politics and those that will be associating with him as he is beginning to ape and play godfather in 2024.

“Angel Gabriel will loose woefully in 2024 coming election if he is projected by Governor Obaseki, either at the level of congress or the main election. This is the general perception across Edo State political firmament”.

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He further harped on the Governor’s sadomasochistic politics of fraud; deception, mockery, pillaging, crudity and primitivity. I do not know much about Asuen Ighodalo apart from the glooming appellation of being an investment banker like Godwin Obaseki… Like Godwin Obaseki? Again?

That’ll be Asuen Ighodalo’s Achilles heel. High-tensile inter-elite and intra-masses rejection will torpedo his political ambition as Governor Obaseki’s associate because Godwin is the most serpentine; crudest, double-faced, double-dyed political treachery in the nation and Edo State political history!

Governor Obaseki is the most detestable politician alive with his divisive; ruthless and inherent betraying DNA instinct flowing in his blood. Edo citizens are the victims of Governor Obaseki’s scorched-earth policies of retardation, vicious in victory and royal institution pillager.

Obaseki’s theft of COVID-19 palliatives; astronomical hikes in tuition fees, closures of all tertiary institutions across the state, double taxation, destruction of civil service, civil society and legacy of fraud are terrible credentials upon which Edo people will signpost their next governorship.

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