Bad news for those who took COVID vaccine, here is why

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It is becoming clearer that the COVID vaccine jabs are not limited to just two jabs as being portrayed to the public, it may actually be a continuous process, according to latest findings.

Recently, the South African Department of Health mentioned that their website was up and running for those who wanted their digital vaccine certificates.

It’s uncommon for a country to have records of who vaccinated against a certain disease and who didn’t. Why then is the government all of a sudden now keeping these records?

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If we were to ask to see who received a digital vaccine certificate against malaria, no one would show up because there was never such a thing as a digital vaccine certificate. Why does it all of a sudden have to start with the COVID-19 pandemic?

Many South Africans who have been vaccinated were happy to hear the news that they could now have their digital vaccine certificates instead of moving up and down with the hardcopy.

However everything always has a catch. Yes, the digital vaccine certificate has a catch. The catch is that the vaccine certificate expires in January 2022. This means that people will then have to go and get their second or third jab depending on what brand they use.

This is what is already happening in Israel. Imagine entering a stadium because you got vaccinated and have proof for it, however once the vaccine certificate expires you will be considered a threat hence not being allowed to enter into the stadium.