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Biola Alabi’s Grooming For Greatness Finalists



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THE Grooming for Greatness fellowship program kicked off on October 22 after a search which received over 350 applications from Africans all over the world. The 12 lucky finalists selected spent 3 days gaining insight from accomplished speakers and engaging in actualization sessions to guide them on their leadership journey.
Biola Alabi, the Managing Partner of Biola Alabi Media and Founder of the leadership program kicked off the event by explaining that the year-long fellowship is about growth, learning and encouragement.
“Grooming for Greatness was developed to change the narrative around leadership in Africa by validating the next generation’s leadership yearnings and goals. If we want compassionate value based leaders we have to teach it and live it,” she said.
The program featured dynamic speakers who gave participants ample advice, and profound insight into their personal leadership journeys.
Among the speakers were Chief Executive Officer, Bestman Games, Nimi Akinkugbe; Business Development Manager, Wartsila Finland Energy Solutions, Ade Audifferen; Founder, Narachi Leadership, Rachel Nyaradzo Adams; Co-founder, Seedstars world, Pierre- Alain Masson; and Managing Director, Alithea Capital,Tokunboh Ishmael.
During a session led by Rachel Nyaradzo Adams, burning questions about true leadership were thoroughly examined, and participants used the opportunity to openly share their private leadership struggles.
According to Adams, “Emerging leaders on our continent need to be first and foremost validated in their ambitions. There is so much around us that discourages us and tells us that what we dream for the continent is
impractical, absurd and impossible. Leadership programs like [The Grooming for Greatness Program] provide a different kind of message.”
“Leadership development has always been a passion of mine and I’ve always believed that it is our responsibility to develop the next generation of African leaders,” Alabi said in a statement at the close of the 3-day launch event.
The finalists will be trained on leadership skills for a year after which entries will be open for the next set of participants.

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