Bitter Kola cures eye problems, here is how

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A Professor of Ophthalmology, Adebukola Oshintelu, says regular intake of African native nut, bitter kola, helps to treat and manage eye problems, especially  glaucoma disease.
Oshintelu, who works with Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba, said through her research, bitter kola had been discovered to be ‘wonderfully efficacious’ for the treatment of glaucoma.
The ophthalmologist noted that the content of most of the effective drugs in the markets, including orthodox medicine, was from plants.
Here are the following steps to use Bitter Kola to cure eye problems:
1.Get a little container with a cover or use a eye drop that has been clean thoroughly bottle.
2.Then boil a little water half a cup.
3.wait for the water to cool down(the water is boiled so it will kill all bacteria in it).pls note that it is mandatory you  boil the  water.
4.Pour the cooled water into your little eye drop empty bottle…
5.Then cut three of your BITTER COLA into pieces then gently drop them into the same bottle with the boiled-cooled water…
6.Cover it nicely then keep it in a room temperature for 3 good days without touching it.
7.On the 3rd day, shake it very well then use it as an EYE DROP..
use it 2 or 3 times a day..
Also, do not cover the tip of the water drop with your handsso that you don’t contaminate the bottle with a bacteria.
Always make sure your drop tip is clean and save..