Buhari hasn’t given nod to subsidy removal; Lawan insists ordinary Nigerian must not bear burden

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Senate President Ahmed Lawan has insisted subsidy heavy burden must not be shunted to ordinary Nigerians as he expresses doubt over a number of things.

First, Lawan is not sure Nigerians consume the millions of litres stats say Nigerians consume daily.

“I believe that we need to look at the quoted figure of may be 100 million litres that people claim we’re consuming. Is it real?”

Again, President Muhammadu Buhari hasn’t said anything yet.

“And I found it necessary to visit Mr President, as the leader of our government and our leader in the country, to discuss this particular issue of concern to Nigerians, and I’m happy to inform Nigerians that Mr President never told anyone that the petroleum subsidy should be removed.’’

Lawan said this during an interview with the State House correspondents after he visited Buhari Tuesday.

“I know and I agree that the subsidy is very heavy. But I think we must never transfer the burden to the citizens

“I am not convinced that within the boundaries of Nigeria we are consuming 100 million litres a day. Probably neighbouring countries may be benefiting from this. Can’t we do something about it?

“It is a failure if we are not able to control it, this particular aspect of smuggling is the petrol and then in return, push the burden to the ordinary citizen,” he added.

He said it is the responsibility of those in government, irrespective of party differences, to find a solution to the subsidy problem.

Nigeria’s labour unions have  mobilised to rally against the decision by the federal government to remove petroleum subsidy.