Buhari’s tenure may end democracy in Nigeria – Prophet

After Buhari’s administration, there might be an end to democratic governance in Nigeria if what President of Pentecostal Sanctuary Bible Ministries Worldwide, Prophet Sunday Iyunade, has said comes to pass .
He did not, however, say what kind of government will be in place.
Making his prediction on Tuesday at Ijebu-Ode, during a media parley as part of the event marking the 21st anniversary and 15th convention of the Ministry, Iyunade reiterated that  there might be possible end to the reign of democracy in Nigeria after Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.
National Daily recalls that Prophet Iyunade predicted that the first three month of enjoyment immediately of Buhari’s administration and the hardship that will follow.
“This is what we are experiencing now. This government will work towards one party system. There is not much hope for democracy in this regime as we will not operate democratic system. For now, election has been suspended in Nigeria as the choice of the people will not be reflected on the throne.
“We need to pray for political stability and must pray against threat to political stability as there will be threats to democracy. We need to seriously pray for our governments and politics to survive as various new dimensions of crisis will emerge in this dispensation.
“The government will disorganise all the democratic strictures they met on ground and will set up another structure. The government will pocket Nigeria and rule with a mighty, powerful, iron and steel hand and very soon, Nigerians will ask God questions and many will moan under this government.
“The government will depreciate the economy and power to rule,” he added.
He warned that no matter what anybody does or individuals try to do, Nigeria will not break.
He , however, warned all the regions that any tribe that tries to break away from Nigeria, will rather go into extinction.