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Check out 9 ways to reduce potbelly



Check out 9 ways to reduce potbelly
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A medic has given out advisable ways to reduce potbelly in humans and live healthy life.
These are the 9 ways to reduce potbelly, according to:
Check out 9 ways to reduce potbelly

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How to reduce potbelly:
1. Avoid sugars: soda, honey, fruit juice, etc, will make you add weight.
2. Eat vegetables: cabbage, cucumber, spinach, etc, helps reduce fats.
3. Eat proteins: meats, fish, eggs, etc, helps build lean weight.
4. Intermittent fasting: is good for your weight and body functions.
Check out 9 ways to reduce potbelly

9 ways to reduce potbelly

5. Hit the gym 4-5X/week: lift weights preferably, no matter how small, it’s good for your muscles
6. Say goodbye to alcohol: it causes fatty liver and stresses out your liver.
7. Reduce your stress level: have rest periods, or protected hours.
8. Rest more: specifically, have sufficient 6-9 hour of sleep/day.
9. Drink more water: is good for your metabolism, weight loss and body functions.

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