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Congolese defender reappears in Germany four years after he died in a Car crash, wife in trouble



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A 33-year-old Congolese and former Schalke star player Hiannick Kamba has been found alive four years (January 2016) after he was declared dead as a result of a car crash which reportedly claimed his life in his native country, Congo.

The former right who has resettled in Germany as a chemical technician for an energy supply company was found alive in Gelsenkirchen.

Investigations have been opened against the Congolese native’s ex-wife who is accused of insurance fraud.

She is reported to have been collecting life insurance following the supposed death by using forged documents.

Hiannick Kamba has spent a great part of his live in Germany although his parents were deported back to Congo in 2005.

He was allowed to stay due to his youth team status at Schalke which offered him asylum and a resident permit.

Hiannick Kamba has not been charged and will appear in court as a witness against his ex-wife.

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