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Cultists storm Ogoni communities killing the innocent people



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By Nwadike Ugochukwu, Port Harcourt

A terrible incident was witnessed in Ogoni land some cultists invaded Ogoni communities were armed with a dangerous weapon that become a night mare to the residents and the people of Ogoni, the cultists attacked many people.

Speaking with National Daily on this ugly incident that took place in Ogoni land. His Royal Highness Mene Suanu Baridam JP. The chairman of Ogoni council of traditional rulers lamented over the activities of the cultist in Ogoni land. Saying that the cultists that operating in Ogoni was not part of Governor Wike amnesty program offered to the repented cultists in Rivers State.

He said that since they are killing themselves, there would be no problem but what the cultists are doing in Ogoni land called for concern and posed danger, fear to the Ogoni communities.

He noted that the cultist operating in the area was empowered with softicated guns and ammunition by the politicians. During the election in the area but the cultist were abandoned after using them to rigged the election in their favour and they could not retrieve the guns and ammunition they were giving to rigged the election.

According to the Royal Highness Baridam. No body was surprise that politicians bring guns for the same election, if you see the types of gun these boys are using the cultism in Ogoni land will not stop, the police are backing them with guns.

Speaking on the measures put in place to tackle cultism in Ogoni land BARIDAM urged the police to do their work, and politician to prepare to say the truth, adding that what is happening in Ogoni is because the cultist were backing with politicians.

He said that the politicians refuse the cultist to embraced Governor Wike amnesty offer to the repented cultist in Rivers State, if politicians continue to back these boys the cultism in Ogoni will not stop.

He urged traditional ruler to stand up and do their work because we can not stay in Port Harcourt the place will be on fire if somebody children should be arrested, adding that the amnesty program the police did not come to Ogoni to protect the lives and property but they came to Ogoni for the re-run election they did not come to arrest the cultist but because it is political coloration, if police arrested cultist somebody would call to police to come and release them because there are members of one of the political party or the other, when I call the police commissioner in Rivers State the police come and release them. This is the same politicians that refuse the cultists to participate in Governor Wike amnesty program.

Come and surrender your gun on your ammunition, when you enter to Ogoni land. The Government announced the amnesty program for the cultists but politician says it is an attempt to receive the gun for the election.

The traditional ruler enjoined the people of Ogoni to do what is needful to tackle the problem of cultism in Ogoni land.