Daughter marries own mother as wife in lesbian relationship

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This may sound bizarre; a girl of 26 years was married to her biological mother to live as husband and wife and build a new family. This may be one of the queer lives in the lesbian world. The daughter is the husband while the mother is the wife in the marriage.

It was gathered that Lolita, 26 years of age, was married to her mother, Loretta, 44 years of age and both agreed to live happily together as husband and wife in South Africa.

Lolita in excitement of her found love, was cited to have said: “my mum was there for me since I was born. I grew up without having father and I love my mum so much. “She is all I have, and I don’t want to stay away from her. That is why I chose to marry her so we can live together.

“She’s young and knows how to make me happy in bed.”

The mother, Loretta, celebrating the love, was cited to have said: “my daughter was ready to leave the house if I refused to marry her. I love her so much and will do anything to make her happy.”

Many have responded differently to this, but it is their life.


  1. Where do they live, where were they married because this is unlawful as it is incest. This just sounds like fake news. SA laws don’t allow such marriages!

      RACIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Its pictures…proof SOMETHING HAPPEN like idk but this sounds and look crazy but most of are people are suffering from mental health. Now to elaborate…. Tanya answer to WHY she said the comment about “lying on her people” has nothing to do with race it’s just we can’t believe hardly anything the white man says. It used to be a time anything of white person said a black person believed it not anymore those days are over and it’s because black slaves for over 400 years have been stolen Rob cheated bamboozled manipulated and lied upon from white man. Read the Historical Library books. I also find it mighty funny that since were maybe 40 years from being oppressed for 400 years that “white people” making these racist blatant comments about this one picture “when” we can find 400 years of history and pic about being treated worse than cattle being miseducated it was a “white man’s code” to make sure we can’t read and educate ourselves and understand the difference between right and wrong being a slave by country incest Hillbillies ignorant dirty uneducated white people that taught us incest not including we were molested we were raped sodomized our children were having babies at 8 and 9 years old for white men so for people to be here talkin about she’s racist you guys need to wake up and open up your history book before you get the questioning minorities when repeating Anglo-Saxons taught Behavior because at the end of the day we came here as King’s Queen’s Hebrews Israelites and many more that the white man sought out 2 Conqueror this is just a prime example of the damage that the white man have caused but guess what as always he will not take responsibility for his actions. But read those history books and educate yourselves especially all of these racist is making these comments won’t you sit back and educate yourselves teach your children about how messed up your ancestors really were

      • But wait a min here: I have to disagree for several reasons. 1: I LOOK white & so does the men in my family, however my family that’s been here since the 1400s have NEVER owned any slaves. Nor have any “white men” living TODAY ever owned a slave either. Also, my fam has Sub-Saharan Black Ancestors, this is 100% truth! So, to say “we believe nothing a white man says” is VERY racist! Why? Bc white men today have no cause to be racist & the whole lie about racism in USA is a bold face lie! Who’s lying? Oh let’s talk about the dems who Fought To keep slavery… those upper White men such a JoeB, Schumer & PeteButtegiege ALL whom got paid MILLIONS last year from the “burn-loot-murder” group via a funnel from ‘ActBlue’. They LOVE slavery & experimenting on people of color- which is why Gates is banned from many countries! Now, IF someone says “stop lying on MY PEOPLE”, that can be taken in a context of either color OR where they’re from. How is one to know? So a reply “YOUR PEOPLE” is NOT racist, UNLESS THATS WHAT U WANT TO SEE IT AS… otherwise, it is a referral to a comment. How is this hard to see? Why is it about race? Bc the gov WANTS to divide & conquer, YES! IF you are using racist comments about ‘white men’ & don’t trust them, THAT is racist! You don’t have to believe anything anyone says: but I will say this: I grew up in the hood, yes legit the hood in Durham,NC! I have NEVER met a racist white man in my life time. I’ve lived in poor & predominantly black communities, as well as all white country areas. NOW- for some reason White men are the target! Why? Is it bc whites are the “majority” & it will help the dems agenda? YES! Yet, the ones alive today had ZILCH to do w/the past slavery issues. But I can school you for a min: 1: white people were slaves BEFORE blacks were! 2: there are STILL black slaves in AFRICA TODAY! 3: Native Americans owned slaves as well! 4: African people SOLD THEIR OWN PEOPLE! 5: IF u WANT to make race the issue in EVERY COMMENT, then you are part of the problem & are helping the “agenda” of the gov! So, please, don’t believe anything a white man says… after all most of them are NOT racist even though that’s what you are told to believe, so you do what you’re told! Also, most are Christians as well. However, the lying dems that pretend to “love people of color” are lying to you & the majority of them do NOT believe in God or Jesus. That is a National & public poll that even you can look up & find on your own. EVERYONE is being suppressed today. EVERY SINGLE PERSON, except the elite. The dems/white male gov WANT people of color to take their deathly jab FIRST! Why so? It’s only another experiment brought to you by Gates & Fauci. BUT WAIT, WHO IS SPEAKING UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS TO SAY NO?? Mainly white men! I see more & more mostly women of color acting racist towards White people today than I ever have in 40 years! Why is this? Bc the gov say you should be doing so? Bc “white man bad” they say… who said that? OH YES, WHITE LEADERS, the white dems that WANT slavery. They’ve NOT changed their spots, only their tactics & everyone is falling for them, which is what they want you to do. Also, those “history books” WERE written by those that write the narrative today as well. The GOV created the school curriculums. VP Harris: her family owned 5 PLANTATIONS!! People NEED to UNITE, not divide so the gov & elite can conquer! Do NOT be part of the problem, be part of the solution! Stop the nonsense already! Bc under skin, we ARE ALL THE SAME!! To be racist is a sign of pure ignorance, 100%! & to call someone else racist for their comment in DIRECT referral to another’s comment, while saying “I will never believe a white man”…. come on now, that is so beyond hypocritical it’s not even funny. You seem to forget who the real enemy is & it is NOT the regular WHITE MEN in this world! It has been MANY from the PAST that are dead & the elites & gov OF TODAY! Wake up & smell the roses! I can not stand to see this kind of bull on here. It absolutely pisses me off. Uneducated people want to think one way BC THEY ARE TOLD TO… is that not a form of SLAVERY? Yea it is! Think for yourself. & STOP making White people of today pay for what people that are dead did! & think about this: people that LOOK white, many are not just white, they do have other ancestry running thru their veins, just like you may have. & just bc you see a white man, does not mean he is a bad person… like I said, my family never not once owned a single slave, but I guess since I LOOK white, then I’m the “enemy” too huh?! SMH. WHY COME SO FAR ONLY TO REGRESS TO MUCH BASED OFF THE LIES OF THE MEDIA & SLAVE LOVING GOV? Act like grown @$$ adults & stop this crap! STOP IT! Learn some real info & NO it’s not in your regular text books! Not all white men are bad. Not all agree w/slavery from the past, in fact I’ve never met one that did agree with it! So now, people of color are here in the USA… anyone wish to return to Africa & chance being a slave again? ANYONE?? I highly doubt it. Most comments on here ARE racist in nature, doing EXACTLY what they’re told to do which IS SLAVERY! IF all people do not come together as ONE, you’re going to be worried about the WRONG ISSUES, (called deference), while the elites & gov settle in their communist agenda & guess what:: EVERYONE WILL BE A SLAVE WORKER FOR THE ELITES!!! So yea, y’all keep worrying about color today…that’s real smart

        • I couldn’t agree more with your comment! Especially about whites being slaves before black folks. Also nobody ever brings up the sub Saharan slave trade which predates the trans Atlantic slave trade by 500 years and they just abolished it in the late 1970s!! Literally the oldest and longest running slave trade in the world. It was mostly run by non whites. Also the Americas don’t invent the slave trade the Dutch did and English did. Also while they slam white people and mostly white men they seem to forget that the United States fought a whole civil ass war to free the slaves! Pretty soon they gonna start telling them that the slaves were freed because of a massive slave revolt!! And they would believe it! Not because white men and women were doing most the fighting and dying by the hundreds of thousands! and yes finally in the later years some African American freed slaves finally were allowed to fight in their own units next to the white ones for their freedom. Even tho they didn’t have to they knew it was a worthy cause to give their lives to. I also hate when a few think they are exempt from being racist because their black! That’s bullshit if I ever heard it! The left feeds jnto that narrative and misconception that because your black you can’t be racist! Racism is a ideology of thinking your race is superior over another and in some ways or all ways and anyone can think that or be taught that! For example look at Louis Farrakhan on the N.O.I !! How that man is still allowed to preach and spread his hate is beyond anything I’ve ever seen! I guarantee he is protected by the left and wouldn’t that be ironic because it’s the left that attacks everything white and everything that has testosterone! But N.O.I!?? No those guys are good, they get a pass.. some of the most vile racist evil stuff I’ve ever heard came out that man’s mouth. Which actually does line up with your theory on why they are attacking everything white and male.. it’s amazing the job they have done at literally dumbing down America, and mentally enslaving a whole bunch of people black and white by convincing them that they are victims and it’s not your fault you don’t have to take ownership of any failures of your life just blame the white man. It relieves them of any ownership and responsibility which is crucial to a well rounded responsible adult. It keeps them locked into a constant victimhood mentality! If your being told you’re the victim all the time we’ll when do you stop being a victim and start not just a survivor but a man that takes on his responsibilities and takes ownership of his failures, that’s when you learn the most about yourself is when you fail in life, it teaches you so much! But if your a victim all the time your not learning nothing but being a victim! Your not learning about what you could if done differently, what YOU could of done differently! It boils down to you not your people or my people because truth be told the real truth be told we’re all one people and they are deceiving you into thinking it’s racial warfare and blame game when really it’s social economic warfare!! You got Rich and you got Poor!! The Have And The Have Nots. Period end of story. That is the only thing they care about. Money power and their foot on all our necks.. open your eyes and hearts. I’m not your enemy! They are your enemy. I want us all to be free and happy, I know that sounds cliché but it’s how I feel in my heart. We all feel pain and anger and love inside. We need to help eachother more, In a productive way. I don’t trust government.

      • Seriously? You are taking an African lesbian couple and turning it in to all that? Your comment was all over. Stop living in the past. You sound butthurt and need to move on. Life is what YOU make it. Period.

    • It’s not fake ! Click on the article that u put up. That’s another set of people who did it and where they are from you can’t marry ur child !



    • They were white. The mother name is Patricia Anne Spann from Norman Oklahoma. She got sentenced for 2 years in prison and FINED 1500$ for incest

    • Absolutely!! So so sick of hearing about skin color or lack of color. We all came from Africa its proven from DNA but the dems want to feed the narrative that white man bad black ppl week and oppressed. What a cop out!!

      • I think when she said “my people” she meant South Africans ‍♀️ The story is clearly about South Africans, so really, s/he made it about race when s/he called her racist. She isn’t lying if the story is true. So they must know the Oklahoma people, they seem butt hurt. It seems to be the new thing for people to call POC racist when they are triggered.

      • Africa is the mother land and the oldest land therefore we all come from Africa. Come on people we all are the same species so get over it already.

    • I must say not all democrats are racist, I know a lot of republicans that are as well, but it really has nothing to do with race or religion that’s just straight up nasty if you ask me, I don’t care what color you are or religion.


      • By saying “My People” she was % being racist. It’s a true story. The lady has done interviews. All races can have messed up people. Grow up!

    • White people…your people arevthe ones who created racism, pretending to be superior to others. What is white supremacy? Racism, and what MOST white people stand on. Please try to calm down, and perhapa seek help for your white fragility.

  3. See this is why God release one of the pledges on to the land. We have changed God laws! God wants us to be fruitful and multiply! Now how is a mother & daughter suppose to multiply? Not only that we are always changing God’s law to accommodate. Dose anyone in there right mind think that God who is holy and just could ever agree of the marriage? The Bible says that we must turn turn from our wicked ways. Then wells. Then Shell we hear from Heaven to heal the land. Now what is God saying about this hot mess? Do we really think God will heal the land with these type of marriages taking place? And do these two women even fear our God?? What is God really even thinking ??!!!

  4. Its fake news… They took this picture from a destination wedding site and used it for their own personal reasons… The two women in the picture are not mother n daughter

  5. I don’t know why black people love to fly in the face of God. Blacks are the poster boys and girls for every immoral activity.LBGT,Abortion ,loose living and now incest. What next beastiality?

    • And a white woman named Margaret Sanger specifically targeted blacks for abortion. Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood. The majority of the lgbtqp community is led by white people. And don’t get me started on the inbreeding in the south and the blue blood Royals in Europe. And you should read about how a white lawmaker in the USA tried to get a bill passed giving the military the right to engage in beastiality way back in 2011.
      Stop with the racism and realize that people are people no matter what color,and without God they are ALL capable of abominations.

    • Not all of us! God is totally against this. Black or white this is wrong!!! I don’t know if it’s fake news or not and I don’t care what color the person is this is absolutely wrong!!

    • Bull shit whites was raping men, women and children during slavery times. It’s time for a history lesson. This fake news if you look it up this couple isn’t related.

    • What the F#[email protected]! You need to look at your own race. Your race has conquered, trick, manipulated and stolen from every culture on earth. You look for greed instead of compassion. Caucasian commit more crimes against children than any other race. In regards to your statement of zoophilia, there are more cases of caucasians participating in the exploit. More whites are LGBT participants as well. So your statement about blacks must your reflection regarding yourself. You are projecting your insecurities about you onto another race so you don’t have to face yourself.

  6. This is about sin and this one is categorized as a ABOMINATION. Satan has made a FOOL out of the human family. It is not SKIN it is SIN!!! Deception is destroying all of you.

  7. This is nothing but an act of the devil I rebuke him in The Name of Jesus fake or not there sooo goin to hell thats definitely a free ticket to the gates of fire wow this world is SICK

  8. I hope we have not being left behind after the rapture. This is pure suffering and tribulation. If this is pre rapture, then watch out people, post rapture will be horrific. People, let us pray while the church is still on earth, the Devil will not win.

  9. No last name. Where do they live.

    I hope we have not being left behind after the rapture. This is pure suffering and tribulation. If this is pre rapture, then watch out people, post rapture will be horrific. People, let us pray while the church is still on earth, the Devil will not win.

  10. And a white woman named Margaret Sanger specifically targeted blacks for abortion. Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood. The majority of the lgbtqp community is led by white people. And don’t get me started on the inbreeding in the south and the blue blood Royals in Europe. And you should read about how a white lawmaker in the USA tried to get a bill passed giving the military the right to engage in beastiality way back in 2011.
    Stop with the racism and realize that people are people no matter what color,and without God they are ALL capable of abominations.

  11. Y’all will believe anything! This is so FAKE. Just because it’s online doesn’t mean it’s true. Shame there’s so much ignorance running rampant in adults which in turn trickles down to their offspring. SMH!

  12. Not just blacks. People know GOOD and WELL
    That stuff like this is happening in just about every race and all.over the world.
    Knowing that ALL races, have committed horrible sexual acts against innocent children, people and animals.
    Racism can’t hide the truth, sick sexual acts are happening everywhere
    All races are guilty of this….
    Repent of racism, before it too late…

    • Cathy Waller Sorry to inform you that so called black people was NOT!! I repeat, was NOT DOING THE LIKES OF THIS, UNTIL WE WERE STOLEN FROM OUR LAND, (see Exodus 21:16) you see, we are the true Israelites from the Bible and we have a covenant, with the Most High Yahuah. He gave us laws, statutes and commands that we were to live by, Yahuah didn’t give them to any other nation! So before being kidnapped and having our identity (ps 83) wiped out of our minds. WE WERE NOT HOMOSEXUALS!!

  13. Talk about bestiality. Your kind lives sex with children, dogs, horses and anything you can wrap your dick or pussy around. And rednecks loves screwing their relatives. Bye boy shut up

  14. Sounds so stupid to me …I will keep my other thought to myself..God knows it’s not nice…
    Grand ma said if you don’t have anything nice to say ..keep your big mouth shut …

  15. This is totally out of line. Sick ignorance who works dare go there but some sick twisted M.F. that I wouldn’t trust around children. YOUR MOTHER REALLY!!! YOUR BIRTH MOM DNA 99.9 WOW!!!

  16. This so not real. This image is stolen from Black lesbian love page, also they are a couple from the states and not mother and daughter. The fact that ppl have this much time on they’re hands is absolutely ridiculous. God wants you to care and love for one another not bring each other down and judge.

  17. Oh come on……….no way can this be true. No country would allowe this. Why would you even write something like this? Dear lord, I weep for our country..

  18. This is plan UNACCEPTABLE! Who paid them 30 shekels?? That’s the very reason why Yahuah is about to reign down thermonuclear fire like a thundershower! (Deacon) This just don’t even sound like true Israel, I agree with Tonya! But whatever, Yah is about to recompense all foolishness and wickedness! Send down your judgement oh Yah!!

  19. Whether ir is true or false, let us desist from this u godly behaviour. The end time is near…Jesus is coming to judge. My tears alwaysbflow when i see such bad practice.

  20. Wow….I did not read of any race in this.. but I’ll leave it up to the journals on were he got this picture from…cause it looks like a mother walking her daughter down the isle in place of her father and leaving the thought of opinion ..on the reader.. and in the United States… someone should be held accountable for their reporting…we should be trying to fix this world instead of tearing it down.

  21. I have traveled and worked on the African continent for a number of years and this story is way over the top. Sorry but in my experience this story doesn’t sound credible.

  22. It was something similar to this on a talk show, so it may be true they look like the two.. This is sickening and disgusting, and should not be allowed!

  23. It was something similar to this on a talk show, so it may be true they look like the two.. This is sickening and disgusting, and should not be allowed!

  24. Messed up! Its sickening to say the least! Yo, I’m not down for that but hey , the world has legalized abomination to the max!‍♂️ they’re gonna burn for this one‍♂️

  25. Idk if it’s fake news or not…it was a tik tok, so she very well could be just doing that after following a story. Or she could be doing it to tell her own story. Either way, it’s nasty af! The person that said stop lying on “my people,” made it about race. My gma is getting ready to be 85 years old. Meaning she lived bacc during them times y’all are speaking of. When she says “my people,” she definitely means “blacc people.” As golden brown as my skin is…IM BLACC! & I’m not going to sit up here & take up for something I know is wrong. Nor am I going to sit-up & act like idk what context she meant it in. Unfortunately, this is not social media where we can see all the responses to our posts. So, she may never see what she started. Also, its not like she will think to come bacc & checc the responses so she can clarify what she meant. But, hearing my gma say that for years, I’m pretty sure how she meant it. Y’all coming for Scott when he was just reiterating what the girl said. He didn’t set us apart, she did! Now instead of standing by what’s right is right & what’s wrong is wrong, y’all separating it by race & that’s completely ignorant. Clearly white people don’t just do it, blacc people do too. 2 stories were out here & that’s your proof that it doesn’t have a race stapled to it. Just the human themselves are disgusting! & it’s not the world. The world didn’t do this sh!t…PEOPLE did this nasty sh!t. Some, not all, can’t even think for themselves to even form their own opinion. No, they’re just piggy backing off of others thoughts. What do YOU think?! Tf?! People make me so sicc. The moral of the story is…its unnatural and inhumane to marry your child/parent. At 26…it’s bullish!t to try to blame the other party. At 26, your brain is fully developed & you can think on your own. You know better. If everybody ain’t running out marrying their parents & children, there’s reason for that. It’s unnatural & against the law! & whatever is going on in your brain to make you think that’s ok…seeking help would be the best thing in this situation. Since the girl on tik tok did it…I’m inclined to believe she did it irl cause it’s something so sicc…where on Gods green earth do they play like that at?! I’m going to go try and find her & see if she really did it & bring the real story bacc & post it. I don’t have sh!t else to do.

  26. Your all a bunch of immature grown adults I’m 23 an smart enough to look up BOTH stories and BOTH are true nobody is lying on anybody else so get your heads out your asses and stop acting like literal children

  27. People there is only one race the human race is it wrong yes but who r we to tell them so they have to answer to God on judgement day. and please stop all the racist comments DC talk said we’re colored people we live in a tainted place and they call us the human race we have a history so full of mistakes and those mistakes were crucified 2000yrs ago