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Dear Liverpool: Chelsea’s Blue Urine was at work 



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Dear Liverpool,
Chelsea fans said Ediale must talk about the FA match that saw the blues pissing all over the reds. They threatened to open a file on my case if I fail to whisper their triumphant stride.
They already printed a badge titled Biased Pundit. They intended to pin it on my ass. Not that I really care. I do not. But…
Since I do have something to say about the blue urine spilled all over the Red Machines who still Never Walk Alone (they now walk with some bottles of that blue urine delivered at Stamford Bridge).
It was another cold night. In Klopp’s last four games, he has lost 3. That is quite strange from a man and team that seemed invincible. What happened?
Jokingly, I made a note about the lectures Atletico Madrid’s Simeone gave the EPL managers after that first leg UCL beating. The not demanded the team intending to beat Liverpool must try and get an early goal, don’t allow Liverpool score first, don’t hope to score with your main striker. Give him another dummy assignment, until other attacking midfielders score. In that note I also talked about putting the spanners at Salah’s wheels while you render Mane useless.
In the 3 defeats. These points I joked about resonated:
1. The main strikers, Atletico’s Morata, Watford’s Deeney, Chelsea’s Giroud all didn’t score the first or second goal. Deeney only scored after the game was done and dusted. He netted the third goal for Watford.
2. All the defeats ended with the elimination of Liverpool’s powerful wing strikes. And so it was a win to nil in all three games. 1-0, 3-0 and 2-0.
Chelsea loaded the wings with agile players with a instruction. They were told to over-press the fullbacks.
Frank Lampard’s instructions to his over-packed flanks were quite simple. He told them to press with speed and hustle. The speed and hustle of Pedro and Willian were required. And between them the opening goal came through.
And so Neco Williams, Liverpool’s teenage full-back and others, suffered as Chelsea’s forwards pushed up against him.
This FA Cup tie also tells Chelsea to keep Frank Lampard for the long run. The club legend is showing some great signs. Albeit show of stubbornness, and how he applies discipline and strategy to the side: Kepa who is clearly serving some Lampard’s disciplinary punishment kept a clean sheet. And Chelsea had a strategic stats of 35 long passes.
And that is how 2 goals brought Liverpool down and out of the competition so in 4 game days, their pursuit of attaining the Arsenal’s Invicinble status and United’s treble stunt has been dashed.
In a weeks time, they could be further humbled out of the UCL run by Atletico Madrid. Which could be a blessing in disguise. So they can focus on the trophy they have been chasing for 30 years.
Cos their new status doesn’t guarantee them a casual stroll towards lifting the EPL. They still get to sweat it out. And when a winning team has his working formula exposed, that team becomes vulnerable and this is football anything can happen from that point.
Your Blue Urine spotter,
PS: Chelsea fans, can I have that sauced chicken now?
Dictionary Word:
Blue Urine
• noun. ( also informal / BLUE WEE/ especially in EpL) noun [BU] the blue coloured waste liquid that collects in the BLADDEROUS Stamford Bridge and that the Chelsea Players pass from their body performance over a fallen team such as the Red Machines or Liverpool.

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