Doctors being paid to link non-COVID-19 deaths to coronavirus – report

The Centre for Disease for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, has come out to say that most hospitals in the United States have been listing patients who died from other pre—existing health conditions as COVID-19 related deaths.

In the report aired by, CDC in its updated report, confirmed that COVID-19 is rarely the actual cause of death among coronavirus patients.

OANN claimed that some of the doctors who opened up on the pandemic, explained that the US Care Act passed by the Congress in March gives hospitals a 20 per cent bonus on any diagnose related to Coronavirus, meaning that doctors are being paid to list deaths as coronavirus without any indication that the patient death was actually COVID-19 related.

According to the CDC report, hospitals have been counting patients who died from serious pre-existing conditions like Pneumonia, influenza, Heart attack as Covid-19 deaths.

According the CDC out of the 220,000 deaths attributed to the coronavirus, 88,208 died of pneumonia while another 17,799 died of chronic lower respiratory diseases, and 26,365 died of adult respiratory distress syndrome.

Another 44,000 died of hypertensive diseases, 23,000 died of heart diseases, and a whopping 20,000 died of cardiac arrest and heart failure, but that they were all attributed to the coronavirus.

It said that 131,000 patients being considered as COVID-19 deaths already have life-ending diseases, including cancer, dementia and even end stage renal failure.

According to the CDC, large majority of those that died were in hospice care, meaning they were terminally heal and were expected to die from pre-existing conditions without any a help from the covid-19.

It explains that coronavirus is responsible for just 6% of all deaths listed as coronavirus related, that the other 94% of deaths are due to pre-existing conditions, including serious diseases and advance age.

OANN in the report said despite the report being officially published by the CDC, so far, the mainstream media have completely ignored it, and have continue to hype the pandemic that seems less dangerous everyday.