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Dokubo describes IPOB as satanic, explains why Igbo listens to him



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Former Niger Delta militant leader Asari Dokubo has described Nnamdi Kanu and his group, IPOB, as worse than terrorists.

He even described the IPOB as a satanic movement, especially because of the sit-at-home order across the southeast.

Speaking on Sunday during a Facebook live, Dokubo said residents of the Southeast obey the order for fear of being killed and not because they love Kanu and IPOB.

“IPOB said Igbo people should not go about their businesses; they should not go to school. So, if we Igbos no longer go about our businesses and go to school, what else should we be doing? That’s why all the boys are going into fraud,” he said.

“IPOB is worse than a terrorist organisation. It is a satanic movement. They tell them to eat the flesh of human beings, and they eat it. It is not because you people are powerful. They don’t know you people are nothing.

“People are afraid of being killed, that’s why they’ve continued to sit at home; not because they love Nnamdi Kanu.”

IPOB has been declaring, cancelling, and on occasions, enforcing a sit-at-home order across the region on Mondays and other days Kanu will appear in court.

The enforcement has been mostly violent.